301 Tariff Increase Recap

The 301 tariff rate for List 3 increased from 10% to 25% effective for goods with an export date of 5/10/19 and later, and with an entry date of 5/10/19 and later. The HTS numbers 9903.88.03 and 9903.88.04 remain in effect and are subject to the 25% duty rate.

For goods that are exported prior to 5/10/19, but are released from 5/10/19 and before 6/1/19, the 301 tariff rate for List 3 will remain at 10%. The HTS number to be used for this period is 9903.88.09.

There is no news yet on whether List 4 for the remaining tariff numbers will go into effect. Vandegrift will continue to monitor the situation and keep you advised.