As a customs brokerage and logistics business, our expertise is deeply rooted in trade compliance throughout the supply-chain.  Automated efficiency is the backbone of our operation and service.  Learn More >

Our History

Vandegrift’s future has always been defined by its history. Established in New York in 1951 as a customs brokerage and freight forwarding business we have always remained true to our roots while at the same time evolving according to industry trends and client commitments. Our earliest business philosophy identified compliance as the cornerstone of our operation well before it was acknowledged as the basis for CBP’s platform.

International trade has many facets and no two businesses have the exact same needs.  Vandegrift recognizes today’s urgency for individual solutions and customized technology and just as we did in the beginning, we put compliance at the forefront of our operation.  Our responsibility and promise to our clients is to be a fully engaged partner who values your success as much as you do.

Our Belief

Vandegrift's first responsibility is to create a secure and compliant environment for our clients so they can conduct their business without sacrificing productivity and performance. Our value is in our ability to identify risk and provide solutions before issues become business threats.  We continually assess daily operations and engage regularly on a personal level to manage and advocate in the best interest of our clients.

Our Platform

The Vandegrift platform spans all industry verticals including textiles, apparel, footwear, retail, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceutical, automotive, lumber and more.  It takes a skilled hand to understand how all of the pieces of the trade compliance puzzle fit together.  That is why all of our work is handled by experienced teams proficient in a specific industry or commodity and never through data processing centers.

Vandegrift designs and builds individualized customs brokerage and compliance programs that are technology driven and align with modern business requirements.