Vandegrift Rolls Out New VFI Track Enhancements

Vandegrift has been hard at work upgrading both the operational functionality and visual appearance of VFI Track. Our goal is to always bring you the most thorough capability to access and analyze your data while at the same time making information easy to find and understand.

You may have already noticed the recent “At A Glance” (or Traffic Lights) enhancement that can found at the top of the VFI Track entry tracking screen. This gives you a quick view of your shipment status by using green circles to identify when each milestone has been successfully cleared. It also displays the mode of transportation and even the origin and destination ports when available.


On the operational side we have deployed new customized reporting columns with hardcoded values to provide better search results. These new column headings can be created to identify unique values specific to your business.


Additionally, we have built a Random Audit Generator into the VFI Track platform. This allows VFI Track to randomly select lines from the advanced search functionality for audit purposes. Our compliance team can assist you with many types of audits in coordination with this new functionality.  


We have added How To guides with instructions for using both Custom Columns and the Random Audit Generator. To access these step-by-step How To guides simply click the bell in the upper right corner of any VFI Track screen and then click Manuals.

All of these new features are designed to not only enhance workflow and increase efficiency but to also provide real time compliance, more easily identify areas of concern and operate with confidence in a risk based environment. 

Please contact Vandegrift to learn more about how VFI Track can enhance your daily operational compliance. And don’t forget to register for VFI Track Insights to receive your shipment information directly to your inbox.