Blog Post: VFI Track Upgrades Visual Efficiency by Josh Kohn

When people think of IT system updates they often think first of improved functionality or increased operational output. We tend to get so focused on network speed or reducing data run times that we forget to consider how important the visual component can be in positively impacting the overall user experience. It was with that idea in mind that Vandegrift's Application Development team set out to design the most recent round of VFI Track enhancements. 

VFI Track is Vandegrift’s wholly owned, in-house developed real-time data visibility on-demand report writer. VFI Track also houses several other modules including our Global Classification Tool, Purchase Order Management system, and Vendor Compliance Portal. The system was built to deliver our clients their data in a quick and concise manner without need for expensive customized programming or client IT involvement. Essentially, VFI Track becomes your in-house brokerage reporting software! 

Our latest round of improvements grew out of our desire to make the visual component as efficient as the system functionality. We are very proud to be releasing a new visual update to VFI Track on October 27.

Some key changes will include:

  • Brighter color scheme with refreshed fonts and icons.

  • Insights and Reports moved under the new Analytics module.

  • Home button and User Menu added for quick access to important pages.

  • Instructional tours added for easier system interaction and navigation.

  • Instructional tour added for Advanced Search usage (available on the advanced search screen from any module).

We will deploy the visual update during a one hour maintenance window starting at 9pm ET. Our clients will experience virtually no down time during the deployment. We are excited to roll out these visual enhancements and hope that they make your overall VFI Track experience more enjoyable.

And we’re not stopping here. We are already designing more enhancements to VFI Track in the coming weeks and months.

Please feel free to provide your feedback on the system. Your comments are very important to us and are always considered when we develop future enhancements.