Customs Brokerage Services

Customs brokerage is at the core of what we do. We have the technology, knowledge and hands-on experience essential to navigating the complexities of a customs brokerage operation.

We advocate for our clients, helping them address international trade and compliance matters with confidence. Our customs brokerage services include:

Entry Preparation and Customs Clearance

The process of clearing cargo through customs is the indispensable foundation and primary focus for all Vandegrift services.  Vandegrift acts as a powerful advocate for our clients helping navigate international trade matters with confidence. Offering hands on experience is essential to running and effective customs brokerage operation and we integrate the most advanced technology with sound compliance practices.

Track and Trace

VFI Track is Vandegrift’s proprietary track and trace module.  VFI Track houses our intuitive on-demand report writer, global classification tool and product library and updates real time CBP messages.  Vandegrift uses one platform so that both clients and in-house operations are working with the same data all locations are fully integrated to provide seamless data.

Importer Security Filing (ISF)

Vandegrift established a centralized ISF Hub to handle all security filings.The ISF Hub operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week and offers multiple solutions for submitting data elements to CBP.  Our web based system allows for a flexible user interface and the filing can be initiated by one party and completed by a different party.  The ISF system is integrated with our VFI Track platform allowing for real time visibility.


Duty drawback is the process of applying for the refund of Customs duties as well as certain taxes and fees that have been collected upon importation of merchandise.  The method for filing drawback claims and obtaining refunds is specific and requires following established procedures in order to ensure regulatory compliance with the drawback program.  Vandegrift’s dedicated team of drawback experts will take you through the application process, help set up privileges and develop an ongoing successful drawback program.

Bonds and Insurance

The probability of sustaining a loss on goods in transit is greater than you may think. Invest a few moments for Vandegrift to perform a review of your insurance needs or compare your current coverage and rates to ours. Our continuous bonds are competitive and can be handled and placed with a single transactions.

Special Services Yacht/Aircraft

Vandegrift provides a full array of services to the international yachting, racing, and aircraft community. We understand its unique import and export requirements, and our Fort Lauderdale office is staffed with experts in this industry segment. Please scroll through this page to discover helpful articles as well as a full list of services we provide.

Our brokerage staff specializes in handling all matters, from the smallest ships spare to the largest yacht. Our brokerage services include:

  • Cruising Permits
  • Vessel Entrance and Clearance
  • Formal Entry for Duty Payment
  • Boat Show Bonds
  • RLF- Remote Entry Filings
  • Temporary Imports for Display or as Samples for Taking Orders
  • Inbond Movement of Ships Spares
  • ISF- Importer Security Filings
  • Aircraft Importations at first airport of arrival anywhere in the US
  • Green aircraft importations
  • Bank/lender repossession entries of both aircraft and yachts

Our Logistics staff is capable of arranging for the smallest package to the largest yacht to be shipped almost anywhere in the world. Our export/logistics services include:

  • Yacht exportation
  • Racing yacht support container coordination
  • Ships spares on-forwarding
  • Crew luggage on-forwarding
  • AES Filings

Our staff is well versed on FTA’s (Free Trade Agreements) and GSP (Generalized System of Preference) as they pertain to duty free treatment of yachts built in countries that have an FTA or participate in the GSP programs and can discuss your individual needs and advise on the best course of action for your particular scenario.

  • FTA’s
  • GSP
  • Consult with and provide services to Maritime Attorneys
  • Consult with and provide services to Management Companies
  • Consult with and provide services to Vessel Agents
  • Consult with and provide services to Builders
  • Referrals to Surveyors
  • Referrals to Vessel Agents
  • Referrals to Documentation Agents