Technology & Automated Tools

Vandegrift is the industry leader in customizable automation. Not only do we understand how advanced technology can be used to improve the process, we have the capacity and capability to implement solutions quickly and efficiently. Our user-driven solutions are practical, flexible and sustainable.

Our Solution Center often serves as a Vandegrift client’s internal IT resource. It is also where we design, develop and test automated strategies. In the Solution Center, we can move rapidly through a project that may otherwise take months or years to develop.

Customized Programming

Our IT team works with clients to create fully customized and flexible programs that integrate seamlessly into almost any network platform.  We can develop systems that manage data and workflow, integrate around established business rules or create a fully realized automated entry and invoice process.

VFI Track

Our track and trace platform runs in real time providing entry level detail and messaging.  Vandegrift runs a single source unified platform so our clients are accessing the same data that entry teams are working with.

On-Demand KPI and Management Reporting

The Vandegrift report writer is accessible through VFI Track.  All reports can be user generated and scheduled to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  The system is designed in house so software updates are released regularly.

Global Classification

The Global Classification Tool is a powerful compliance advantage for any business.  The system benefits include decreased idle time waiting for brokers to classify urgent or rush shipments, a reduction in compliance issues such as file retransmissions, cancellations, or post entry adjustments, and access to HTS classifications for over 100 countries.  Other advanced features include bulk classification, stale tariff reports and auto-classify for multi country classification.

Data Visibility and Reporting

Vandegrift’s in-house development team has created a comprehensive visibility and reporting tool that gives clients insight into vendor and order management, shipments, Customs entries, and more. The system provides end-to-end flexibility, with management by exception, data validation, and a powerful business rule engine with a real-time notification system. The Vandegrift project team works with clients to build a customizable platform that integrates with their existing systems.

Document Management

Vandegrift’s document management system is fully integrated into the VFI Track platform and exception management process. When integrated with the purchase order EDI feeds from our clients, the tool can provide advanced projections of shipping volumes, which our dedicated operational teams use for scheduling and staffing projections.

We have designed full compliance hubs for clients that link the activity of their internal departments (sourcing, purchasing, merchandising, design, etc.) to the related actions of the import compliance department. 

Entry Dashboard

Vandegrift has developed a snapshot of entry data that can be viewed directly through VFI Track that allows for at-a-glance management reporting.  The high level view can assist in creating more granular KPI’s or identifying areas of more in-depth research.

EDI Integration

Vandegrift develops customized data integrations with our in-house EDI team.  We support any EDI ANSI X12 specification, including 315, 355, 810, 850, and 856. Full 997 support is available for all EDI ANSI x12 exchanges when agreed to with trading partners. Additionally, virtually all proprietary data formats are supported from basic flat file TXT or CSV files to structured XML or JSON. Vandegrift provides partners with completely flexible and customizable integration solutions.

Analytical Survey Module

The Vandegrift Survey  feature is a key method of recognizing customers’ needs and expectations.  The analytical tool features multiple applications such as C-TPAT, Vendor Compliance, and audit programs.  Additionally, the surveys are used for anything requiring self appraisal, grading, and internal feedback.  The survey provides a platform for vendor audit analysis and development by asking key compliance and industry related questions and identifying potential risks and threats.